Build-A-Manual™ Patent Pending


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All employers with 10 or more employees are required by OSHA to have written safety policies and procedures.  Build-A-Manual™ is a patent pending system that puts you in the driver’s seat at a fraction of the costs of our competitors.  Our system generates a PDF manual with your logo on the cover page, company name and program administrator in pre-designated places throughout the entire manual.  Though general in nature, these manuals are a great starting point for small business or the do-it-yourself types and are aimed at building safety systems that work for you.  Not sure what you need?  We can help with that too!  Use the “Help me decide” function on the Build-A-Manual™ platform and the chapters you need will assemble automatically based on your answers.  Of course, we are there to help you if you need further assistance.  Additionally, if you use our Build-A-Manual™ service, we will help you upload them into ISNetworld® for free. 


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